New Year, New Resume Page…

I thought that with the New Year, I would try a fresh approach to the brave new world of on-line media. I have migrated to, a more robust platform than Apple iWeb.  The other one was great, but Apple is not planning to support it for much longer, and I needed something with some zip, but easy enough to update from my smart phone.

Those of you who are visiting this from my other page, if you have a favorite post from before, have no fear. If you want to review my earlier posts, I will be leaving the old web page up through 2011.  The ‘Croquet Supremacy‘ video is still there and easy to view.

When I came here to WordPress, I realized that I just can’t make one central page with links to all of my other sites like I did before.  I was confusing the people who were coming to me for my work in family entertainment, and I was baffling many straight nosed Human Resource Managers who thought they had hit “clown” on a Google search.  (Not that I mind confusing human resource managers, but they have a job to do and I want another day job.)  So for the sake of the weekday work life, I separated the video/office administrative/professional Washington DC part of my life from my love of family entertainment and (dare I say it here?) clowning.  Yes, for full disclosure, I go into my background, sure. I’m proud of my training and the superior skill set that it gives me for many occupations.  I am also very aware that the HR manager searching for a video specialist at a law firm does not necessarily understand why she is looking at a picture of a stilt walker.

So more to come, but for now feel free to visit for some of the vintage stuff.



About mandydalton

A lot of people transition from one career to another. Few do it with the style and panache of Mandy Dalton. She has thirty years of training and success as a circus professional and clown. She is the co-founder and Co-Leader of the Washington DC Comedy Writers Group. She also works as a videographer and web professional in the Washington DC region.
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