Mandy Dalton’s education and training cover diverse subjects. The rollover links categorize her educational experiences.  Below there is a summary of her education and training on one page.

Educational Summary

College Degree

Saint John’s College, Annapolis MD B.A. Liberal Arts 1989

Video Production Training

Web Video News, UPI, Washington DC 2008-2009

Travel Channel Academy, Silver Spring, MD 2008

Avid Training with Rick Reese 2005-2008

Linear Editing, Arlington Community Television (now Arlington Independent Media), 1993

Warner Brother’s Television Writer’s Workshop. 1990

Theatre and Circus Training

Nouveau Clown Institute Master Classes, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain 2010

Extended Workshop in Clown techniques with Cirque Du Soleil. 1997

Moscow Art Theater School, Moscow, Russia. Certificate. 1992

Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Clown College 1982 Diploma

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