Representative Credits for Acting

Film and Video Acting

  • Cane and Abel (Student Film). Fortune Teller. Shane Logue, Director.
  • The Nightmare of Foreclosure (PSA). Mom. Rosenberg Productions
  • One-Eyed Horse (Independent Film). Mrs. Short. One-Eyed Horse Productions.
  • Jewels (Video) Malinka. Poppin’ Magic Productions
  • Hard Bean Café (Commercial) Coffee Hyper Lady. ADEK/Imagine Songs Productions.
  • Your Wild Neighborhood (Video). Host.   Spec Pilot ADEK Productions.
  • Making it Happen (Video) Instructor. TV Leopard Films for Discovery.
  • The Wire (Video).  Reporter. HBO.
  • Serial Mom (Film)  Reporter  John Waters, Director.
  • Anshlag! Anshlag!  Clown/Stilt walker. Russian Television (Televidenie)
  • Jacques Cousteau’s Birthday. Clown/Stilt walker. Turner Broadcasting


  • Clown Cabaret. Various Characters. Fort Fringe, Washington D.C.
  • Cabaret Cabron. Various Characters. Nouveau Clown. (Barcelona)
  • Enclownadas Las Payasas . Various Characters. El Colmado Cabaret (Barcelona)
  • My Way Little Girl (Cap Fringe). Teacher.   Kennedy Center Millennium Stage
  • My Way Little Girl  (Blackout Series) Teacher.  Synetic Theatre.
  • A Servant of Two Masters. Pantalone.  Mobtown Players
  • The Assignment. Voice of God. Colonial Players
  • Dearly Departed. Delightful. Colonial Players.
  • Improv Group. Various Characters. Colonial Players.
  • Les Femmes Savant. (Moliere) Belise. Colonial Players.
  • The Garden Party. (Havel) Brother (other characters)  Colonial Players.
  • Act Without Words:Scene II (Becket). Character 1. Colonial Players
  • The Cherry Orchard. (Chekhov) Dooniasha. The Stanislavski Theater (Moscow)
  • The Chorus Girl (Chekhov) Pasha. The Stanislavski Theater. (Moscow)
  • Teatre Klownov (Tereza Durova) Clown, Various. Palace Kulturi-I. Lenina (Moscow)

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