I want to post more, but too busy!

My bosses at Montgomery Community Media have kept me so busy in the last year, I have not been able to make a single update to the blog.  Too Busy.

Catching up:

  • I am a Teaching Assistant and Video Editor for Montgomery Community Media.
  • I have had 297 performances as a festival artist and clown over 2013/2014. The summer looks like it will be astonishingly busy.
  • My next production with Teen Performance Ensemble is in full swing and goes on the road on June 20.
  • I am the Editor and Post Production Technician for Montgomery Week in Review.
  • DCcomedywriters.com group is getting the next major overhaul.

That said, If you really want to keep up with me follow one of my twitter feeds mandydalton or mandytheclown. You can also find me on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/mandy.dalton1



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Very Busy Christmas Season

I spent a lot of time this past Christmas season performing as a professional clown.  I had an amazing opportunity to entertain at Sydney Harmon Hall for the family performance of the Shakespeare Theater’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.  I also had a chance to twist balloons for the members and families of the MPAA at their Holiday celebration. To top it all off, I spent the week between Christmas and New Years entertaining families at Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort in West Virginia.

Now I am working with members the Washington DC Comedy Writers Group to launch a new version of our website.  This version will have a membership area for trying out material and exchanging ideas.  We have grown out of Facebook and need something that we can control ourselves.

I plan to jump back into video production and administrative pretty soon.  I’m tying up a few loose ends first.


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CBS Sunday Morning used my video ‘Croquet: Summertime Sport’

Good news! CBS news used some of my original video from the 2009 croquet match between saint John’s College and the United States Naval Academy for a recently aired 2012 piece on the sport of croquet. CBS SUNDAY MORNING used some of my original tape for their story ‘Croquet: Summertime Sport‘. My video starts at 3:03. With the exception of the stills of the Saint John’s group in Navy uniforms the Annapolis video is all mine.watch?v=J0PaSAcml90

The match has achieved legendary status in the region.  It attracts thousands of spectators each year.  In 2009, my piece CROQUET SUPREMACY received 10,000 hits on CNN iReport in a 24 hour period.  The link to the CBS story is above. Here is the link to my original story:

Croquet Supremacy


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First Year Anniversary of the Washington DC Comedy Writers Group

I have big news regarding the Washington DC Comedy Writers Group!  I am one of the

Washington DC Comedy Writers Group

The New Logo for the Group

Co-founders and leaders of the group and on February 7 2012, we will celebrate our one year anniversary.  It’s hard to believe that the group has only been around for one year. The membership grew so fast it now feels like it has been here for ages. Between Facebook, Meet-up, and Twitter not to mention real life, we have nearly 800 members–we started only with six in January of 2011. Now, I am even moderating our new web page http://www.dccomedywriters.com.

On February 7, at 7:30 Pm we will have our First Year Anniversary Party and Showcase. We will hold it at Washington DC’s premier comedy club Riot Act Comedy Theater, 801 E Street NW Washington, DC 20004. I will be performing various characters, including Madame Olga: Comic Psychic. We will have stand-up comedy, sketch comedy, and videos created by members of the group.  Tickets are $10 and all of the proceeds go to helping us keep it a free open “real world” meeting.

Wayne Manigo and myself began the group to give local and out of town comics, comedy writers, bloggers, and others who think about comedy a free place to meet every week.  We network, run a few exercises, share work in progress and in general learn from each other. Everything is volunteer at this stage.  For more information, please visit our web page.

Here is a wonderful article on our group from On Tap On-line.  The reporter had quite an adventure with our group that night.  It will give you an accurate feel for the flow of our meetings.

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Two weeks in New York City, November 8-21 2011

If you spend a little time exploring this resume site, you probably know that I have been a comic actress and (dare I say it) clown for nearly 30 years.  When I say clown, it begins a complicated discussion, so I’m going to table it here.  Just please rest assured that I’m not talking about being one of those rainbow fright wig and jumpsuit wearing, squeaky horn honking, sub-human pieces of nightmare fuel. I’m talking more about being a physical comic. Yes I do the kids stuff, but I also…

Oh no, here I go again. Let me save the clown talk for a separate post.

From November 8-21 2011, I’ll be in New York City to take a comedy workshop.  Two members of the hottest comedy group to hit Europe, the UK and Australia SPYMONKEY will be coming to NYC.  I was lucky enough to have the ability to take the two-week workshop this year.  Their brand of comedy is very edgy, sometimes shocking, and nearly always hysterically funny.  It’s not just shocking, it is shocking and funny.  Imagine Monty Python for the stage, and then throw in some modern references, and you get Spymonkey. Some of it is the thinking mans physical comedy. This belly laugh stuff is great for anyone forced to suppress an immature sense of humor.  There is no subtlety here. It is also distinctly “Not Safe for Family Audiences” (unless you have a very cool and hip family.) They aren’t big here in the US yet, but just give it a year or two.

I am taking the workshop to try to stretch out side my comfort zone.  For my own comic writing and my own performances, I normally work “clean.” There is nothing in my shows that would make your grandmother blush. I have a good, sharp internal Censor. This is workshop series is going to give my internal censor a vacation.  When I come back, my censor will be back on duty, perhaps working harder than ever, but I’ll be a little more confident that I can stretch my comic sensibilities.


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Volunteering for Prince George’s Community Television

On Tuesdays, usually from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM, I volunteer at Prince George’s Community Television.  It is a Public Access Chanel with a huge difference, PGCTV offers the regions only daily county focused live news program. PGCTV has won numerous awards for its programming but the daily news broadcast offers a service that few other public access stations even attempt. As a volunteer on Tuesdays, my duties include editing, titles, and graphics for station programs, and then I assist with floor activities for the live production.

The county’s population has grown exponentially for the last ten years.  The remarkable economic surge makes the need for a county focused news and information service greater than ever. This need can not be filled adequately by the traditional regional broadcast news outlets. There is too much news all over the region, so information critical to Prince George’s Citizens often falls through the cracks at a traditional station.

PGCTV relies on volunteers like no other channel.  CTV offers citizens of Prince George’s County  affordable training from field production and basic editing, to directing and producing. Volunteers enable the staff to keep the costs of training low.  This gives people who would not normally have access to television production skills a chance to learn best practices.  Volunteers even produce content related to Prince George’s County.  They also help  full-time staff to run critical station activities including the daily broadcast.

Volunteering for PGCTV helps the station, but it also helps me. This enormously expands my skill base. PGCTV uses my skill set for editing, shooting, audio, and lighting and in exchange I will learn new positions, like floor director and teleprompter director. Eventually, after I learn the specifics of production for this station I may have the opportunity to become a volunteer producer.

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Exciting News about Washington DC Comedy Writers Group

I am so excited about the growth of the Washington DC Comedy Writers Group.  In October, we step up from an informal meeting of like-minded funny people to an association offering classes and support for people generating comedy content.

Back in January 2011, Wayne Manigo (WayneMan Comedy) and I started the group as an informal forum for anyone in the region who needs to write comedy–from stand-ups to speechwriters, from bloggers to columnists.  We have been meeting weekly.  We grew from 6 people having a few beers to over 100 people.  Every Monday night, an average of twenty people share samples of work, try out comedy writing exercises, and discuss the finer points of joke writing.

Now that we have a stable group of participants, we will be offering classes and workshops starting October 1, 2011. Wayne and I are planning “The Starting Stand-up Comedy Festival.”  It will be a day of Workshops dedicated to teaching the finer points of stand-up to aspiring comics.  We will soon have a location  and schedule announcement.



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Taking a break for Prince George’s Children’s Theater


Just a quick update since the last post.  I was having an amazing time working with Performance Video Systems.  They have an amazing company, a terrific studio, and a wonderful workshop.  My work in the tape library helped to stretch my organizational skills.  My camera skills have been sharpened with some work with the Panasonic HVX200s and some work on Red One. I have learned a lot of tips and tricks about using the video from these cameras in Final Cut Pro.  I also learned about the operation of LED screens, and large-scale video projections.  I love working there.

I am taking a break from it (until Mid July) so that I can concentrate on Launching this year’s Prince George’s Children’s Theater Production of “Mythplaced.”  For the last seven years, the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission has contracted me to direct an original musical.  We take up to ten talented teens from the Prince George’s County community and give them summer jobs as touring actors in a production.  This pre-professional experience allows them to see the “not so glamorous” side of the entertainment industry.  The teens acquire real world experience in the performing arts.  Many of the program’s alumni have gone on to prestigious acting programs at Catholic University, Temple University, and New York University.

After I have launched the show, I will return to Performance Video Systems to hone my video skills further.  I also anticipate working on the team that launches the new PVSDC.com web site.

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Performance Video Systems

This week, I began a job with Performance Video Systems. The organization provides professional video production services, large-scale staging services, and technical support for the special event, corporate, touring and entertainment industries. My first duties include cataloging and managing the digital library, assisting with editing and post production, and general organizing.  As I become more acquainted with the company, I will learn the advanced staging and production techniques that PVS has perfected.  I will also gain experience with the astounding Red One Camera, 3D Cameras, and large scale LED displays.

With state of the art equipment and cutting edge technology, PVS has quickly established itself as the leader for turn-key video services. The company has national and international credits. Here is a partial list of recent clients:

  • Madea’s Big Happy Family: Starring Tyler Perry
  • Presidential Inaugural Committee
  • C3 – White House Easter Egg Roll 2009
  • Earth Day – National Mall 2008, 2009
  • NCNW, Black Family Reunion 2005-09
  • Congressional Black Caucus Foundation
  • George Washington University
  • Georgetown University
  • The Kennedy Center
  • Public Broadcasting Service, PBS
  • American Public Television, APT
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New Year, New Resume Page…

I thought that with the New Year, I would try a fresh approach to the brave new world of on-line media. I have migrated to WordPress.com, a more robust platform than Apple iWeb.  The other one was great, but Apple is not planning to support it for much longer, and I needed something with some zip, but easy enough to update from my smart phone.

Those of you who are visiting this from my other page, if you have a favorite post from before, have no fear. If you want to review my earlier posts, I will be leaving the old web page up through 2011.  The ‘Croquet Supremacy‘ video is still there and easy to view.

When I came here to WordPress, I realized that I just can’t make one central page with links to all of my other sites like I did before.  I was confusing the people who were coming to me for my work in family entertainment, and I was baffling many straight nosed Human Resource Managers who thought they had hit “clown” on a Google search.  (Not that I mind confusing human resource managers, but they have a job to do and I want another day job.)  So for the sake of the weekday work life, I separated the video/office administrative/professional Washington DC part of my life from my love of family entertainment and (dare I say it here?) clowning.  Yes, for full disclosure, I go into my background, sure. I’m proud of my training and the superior skill set that it gives me for many occupations.  I am also very aware that the HR manager searching for a video specialist at a law firm does not necessarily understand why she is looking at a picture of a stilt walker.

So more to come, but for now feel free to visit http://www.mandydalton.com for some of the vintage stuff.



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